Dienstag, 3. November 2015

Current State

It is tuesday the third of november, the sky is clear and winter is coming. I have a happy anticipation for snowboarding but for now I stick to the skateboard. I hope you enjoyed all the short clips from the D.I.Y. Bowl and the Baby Goat clip as well. I got stoked on creating a small format series of portraits. And Im changing the frame color to white on selected previous drawings. In fact that im working nine to five since over a year now, the time for making art is limited, but I dont pressure myself in order to get something done. The process goes on naturally and it takes itself more time than it used to. Three years ago I sometimes finished a drawing within 48 hours. All the new canvas I work on are unfinished for over 13 months now, and I dont see a finish line soon. The style becomes cleaner and bright colors are more likely on my pallet. It almost feels like I can wrap my head around it and about the canvas. Im happy about that and at least I feel my craft evolve in a more established method. I dont have a camera myself, thats why im kind of  short in keeping you up to date with new paintings. I dont look at it as a bummer because the less you see, the more unseen paintings are up in my sleeve, the more stoke on the next exhibition...hopefully there will be one.

Thanks to all of you for checking this blog and enjoy the paintings. It really means something to me.