Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Annaberg Vernissage

On 24th Mai we opened up the exhibition at alte Brauerei Annaberg. This is a walkthrough for everyone who wasn`t able to take part. Cheers

View from the entrance.

Happy guests.

Fresh Woodcut Prints.

Shirts. Woodcut Print

Binding for Union/Methodmag Collaboration.

The "Love" Wall. Incl. Intervention, Kiss 1&2, Das Paar, Tabula Rasa, Mark Gonzales & Venus

Framed Linol/Woodcut Prints. Incl. Money, Moment & Wanderer

Wall "Farmer`s Life & Faith" incl. Ozean, Temptation of Antonius, Flegeldrescher, Am Baum, Portrait Ben Fischer, Martyr & Equal.

Multi Skull Print on canvas.

The Scream & Gatland Board

Linol&Woodcut Prints 2 incl. Skategarden, Multi Skull, Madonna & Munch

The OG Gatcode Tryptichon

Skate Wall incl. Zero Dallar bill 2, Nosegrrrinder, Boneless & One day drip

Thanks to Adriana & Ben for the help.

Photos: Bernhardt Leibelt, me