Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

D.I.Y. Concrete Ramp

The Past two months I`ve been working on a side project building a concrete miniramp all by myself at my grandparents fishponds in the woods.

I started with the groundwork and a mallet. Filling it with dirt and stones i found around the property and the local creek. Did everything via eye measurement but that wont hurt nobody.

Followed by a screed matt and the coping my grandpa welded for me. The base had to be digged out 20cm and filled with stones as well, which was a hell of a work since i only had a bucket and two arms. That was actually the most workload involved besides mixing the ton of concrete by hand.

I put a base layer of screed followed by a top layer of fine cement. I used a wood trowel to bring it in rough shape and finished with a metal one to close the pores.


All it needs now is a protection layer and it is ready to skate.

Unfortunately I had no photo camera with me to take more pictures. But my friend Peat gave me a contour camera which i randomly put on the side when i had the muse for it. You can watch the moving pictures that came out below in this more or less shitty edit I made on movie maker.

Thanks to everyone involved.